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Boheems Academy is a premier life coaching academy offering a range of personal development and life coaching courses. We believe that knowledge is power, and through our academy, we empower individuals to unlock their full potential, achieve personal growth, and create meaningful changes in their lives.

Boheems Academy Courses are accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists and hosted on the Udemy Platform

All of our Courses are self-study, so you can work at your own pace and your Instructor will be available via the Udemy messaging service to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you into implementing this new knowledge into your life.

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Free Resources

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Become a Personality Coach

Embark on a transformative journey with our

Certified Personality Coach course. Explore coaching

fundamentals, ethical codes, and effective session


Gain insights into generational differences shaping

individuals across age groups. Delve into numerology, astrology,

and the Human Design System, unraveling cosmic threads in personalities.

Decode MBTI types and Enneagram, understanding diverse human traits.

Master crafting personalized personality analysis reports, synthesizing information for holistic understanding. Our program equips you with tools to guide others on a self-discovery journey, fostering a deep connection between mind, spirit, and body. Join us in shaping a new era of coaching, where understanding personalities unlocks limitless potential. Whether seasoned or a newcomer, expand your horizons and make a profound impact in personality coaching.

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Become a Holistic Life Coach

Our Holistic Life Coaching course provides a

comprehensive approach to becoming a successful

life coach. Key areas covered are coaching ethics and

best practices, emotional intelligence, holistic well-being,

and nurturing healthy relationships.

The course is designed to empower individuals who are passionate about helping others grow and thrive, providing essential skills and knowledge to establish a successful coaching business. Graduates will be equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of others and embark on a fulfilling coaching career.

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Become a Reiki Healer

This comprehensive program invites you to delve into

the captivating realm of Usui Reiki, where you will unlock

the secrets of holistic healing for both yourself and others.

Throughout this course, you'll be guided through the intricacies of Usui Reiki's Levels 1, 2, and the esteemed Master level.

Gain the skills to channel healing energy that brings solace and rejuvenation to body, mind, and spirit. Explore the profound art of Distance Healing, enabling you to transcend physical barriers and send healing energies across any distance.

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Learn about Human Design

The Human Design system aims to provide individuals

with insights into their unique personality, purpose,

and potential. It combines principles from various fields

to create a framework for understanding the human


Human Design is based on the idea that every individual is born with a specific design that determines their strengths, weaknesses, and life path. This course offers a complete overview of the system and provides tools to understand and live in alignment with an individual's unique design. It includes an explanation of personality types, access to software to generate a chart, and more.

The perfect tool to integrate into your Life Coaching and Healing practice.

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Millennial Empowerment Collective


Interested in working with Millennial Clients? We started a Coaching Collective exclusively for this purpose. Click on the image below to see what it is all about.

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Our Graduates:


Certified Holistic Life Coaches:

  • Chani Gomes
  • Suvi Piippo
  • Raché Blom
  • Crystal Garcia
  • Elishma Heinlein
  • Yahira Sanchez
  • Shannon Graham
  • Delilah Grueschow
  • Sascha Jacobs
  • Nidhi Singh
  • Olufunmilayo Feyi-Sobanjo
  • Shay Michelle Bayens
  • Alexis Blackburn
  • Katrina Stinnett
  • Stephanie A. Michalak
  • Lee-zaun Mckenzie
  • Dawn Eyre
  • Nina Dixon
  • Anita Whakaneke
  • Kimberly Laquetta Ferguson
  • Emily Elfer

Certified Personality Life Coaches:

  • Sascha Jacobs
  • Elishma Heinlein
  • Raché Blom
  • Chani Gomes
  • Kefilwe Manyaka
  • Dawn Eyre
  • Paul Scheepers, B.Msc
  • Olufunmilayo Feyi-Sobanjo

A Course in Human Design

  • Over 30+ students have completed this course since it’s release in 2023

Total number of enrollments since our launch in 2023:

Usui Reiki Masters:

  • 4 Students currently in training

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About your Instructor

Dr. Marike Nienaber is a professional life coach and owner of Boheems Academy.

She holds a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, as well as being

a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Reverend.

Dr. Marike specializes in personality analysis as she believes that self-understanding is the key to a holistic and truly fulfilling life and carries that through to her courses.

In January of 2023, she launched Boheems Academy to combine all of the knowledge she obtained in the pursuit of making a lasting impact.

Self-implementation is at the heart of all of the courses at Boheems Academy, as it is through studying and implementing the principles learned that has had the greatest impact on her life personally.